Fall Fashion Trends

Ahhhhhh! The fresh smell of fall arriving and nostalgia feels back to the 90’s with the latest trends happening in fashion.

One of these trends are metallics, with hues in gold, rose gold and silver you are sure to turn heads with this eye catching trend. Wether it’s just an accessory or the main staple of your outfit you will definitely make a statement.

Like duh! Total Clueless vibes with the next Tartan trend. With tartan aka plaid it’s the main attraction pulling an outfit together. If your wearing it in trouser form you can keep the top simple or add a blazer with the same print which is always a great way to go but not everyone loves to be matchy matchy. Or switch it up and have a top in tartan and your trousers simple. Another way is to keep your outfit simple and your tartan can be your statement coat.

A little bit of flower power baby! So retro with the floral trend. If you haven’t noticed or been living under a rock florals are everywhere! With florals you can have subtle hints of it mixed in with your wardrobe or you can make a big ol’ floral splash with a printed dress and shoes! If it’s too much for you and you want to ease your way into this trend I say start with hair accessories maybe a floral headband or maybe some floral hair clips. However you choose to rock it I’m sure you’ll slay!

Make sure you @ us on IG @whattowearandhair showing how you rocked one of these trends and we’ll make sure to tag you in our trend spotter insta story.

Until next time ladies!

Your girls W2WAH 💋

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