Brazilian Blowout (Keratin)

What is it? How does it work? Is it good for my hair? Many questions about the most requested straightening treatment in the industry. And we’ve got the answers. We did things a little different for this post, Sade (half founder of What to Wear and Hair) interviewed Hairstylist Tamara Shelley (half founder of What to Wear and Hair) to get the facts on the Brazilian Blowout. Tamara has done this treatment over a dozen times and answered the same questions over and over again. Here’s how the interview went. 

Sade: so what’s up, what you doing? 

Tamara: nothing..reading the questions we received about the Brazilian Blowout. 

Sade: perfect timing, let’s talk about it because I really don’t know what Brazilian Blowout is. First question, what is it?

Tamara: it’s a straightening Treatment that elimantes frizz. 

Sade: a keratin? 

Tamara: yes pretty much. It’s not as strong as most keratin treatments tho. It’s a lil more safer for your hair I should say 

Sade: what do you mean by safer? 

Tamara: the formula is very mild

Sade: oh ok, got cha

Sade: so how long does it take?

Tamara: it takes about 2-3 hours depending on the hair type, and length. 

Sade: oh that’s not bad, how long does it last?

Tamara: it’s last up to 8-12 weeks. Again depending on your hair type. I’ve seen people get the treatment done every 3-4 months, every six months or once a year during the warmer months. 

Sade: what’s the process?

Tamara: first You cleanse the hair with clarifying shampoo, next you divided the hair into four sections two in the front and two in the back. Then you proceed to apply the formula on wet hair. After that you blow dry the hair using a natural bristle brush trying to get the hair as smooth and straight as possible. Then you flat iron the treatment in. Passing once with the flat iron is sealing in the treatment in. this step is where you can customize the treatment. The more passes with the flat iron, the more straighter the hair will be, that’s what I really like about it. Anyways after all that you rinse the hair throughly, towel dry, apply the masque and leave it on for one minute. Rinse the hair again and proceeded to style as you normally would. 

Sade: That seems like a lot!

Tamara: it’s not. I like the Brazilian Blowout, unlike most keratin treatments, you have to wait like two- three days before you can shampoo your hair. But this treatment allows you to style and wash as you normally would. 

Sade: Who is the best candidate for the Brazilian blowout?

Tamara: it’s safe and perfect for any hair type. You can get it done the same day as a color service. If you have curly hair and you wanted to tame the frizz, you can still rock your curls just less frizzy. It won’t leave your hair stick straight unless that’s what you want. 

Sade: once the treatment is done, what do you have to do at home to maintain it?

Tamara: nothing special just use sulfate free shampoo. The company(Brazilian Blowout) actually has shampoo and conditioner which I recommend every one who gets the treatment done to use every time they wash and condition their hair. 

Sade: ok! Looks like you answered all the questions that I and our readers had. Thanks for explaining it to me. I now know more about this keratin treatment. I feel like I can do this myself now [laughs] 

Tamara: [laughing] no girl, you need to be licensed and certified by the company(Brazilian Blowout) in order to do the treatment. 

We hope you enjoyed our conversation about Brazilian Blowout. Keep sending in questions to Thanks for reading

Until next time,

The girls of W2WAH 💋

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