Head Wraps

With Sadé cutting her hair short, the use of the head wrap has become her best friend on the days in between salon visits when her hair looks like 💩! Head wraps are not only good for short hair but natural, curly, straight, weaved! You name it and a head wrap can cover those precious locs while still looking chic and not like you just rolled out my bed. 

Head wraps are definitely equal opportunity style enhancers. Let’s take a look at Sadé’s look. She paired a yellow head wrap with a sunflower swing skirt, a white button down and a lace bralette with a red fringe sandal. With a pop of red on her lips and a fierce pair of sunnies this look is a sure head turner. To achieve the same wrap style as Sadé fold your scarf into a rectangle, placing the opened end of the scarf on your forehead, grab both ends and tie them making a knot in center. Once you have the knot. Twist the two ends together so they look like rope then you twist it around your knot creating a twisted circle and tuck the lose ends under your circle and ta-da! Your a Wrap Queen.

Tamara went on a daytime date! And desired a more casual laid back look. She paired green chuck taylors with a sleeveless tee, and a pair of ripped jeans with and a green polka dot head wrap over her short hair.  For my ladies who don’t have time for heels or who are going for a more laid back look this will definitely be a hit! Tamara rocked her head wrap gypsy style by folding the scarf into a rectangle shape, then draping it over the front of her head and tying it once in the back, letting the other scarf ends hang loose and free! Adding the head wrap adds that extra flare to her look making her stand out in a crowd! 

If you have extensions or longer hair you can add a head wrap and have those long locs flowing on the days where your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. 

There are so many options to choose from; you have the solid colored head wraps, the tribal printed head wraps or jus a printed wrap that is not tribal. There are endless styles and ways to wear a headwrap. So ladies, do yourselves a favor and get yourself a headwrap and slay like the queen you are!

Until next time!
Your girls W2WAH 💋

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