Hey ladies and gents, We’ve been getting tons of questions about how often should you shampoo your hair. There is not right or wrong answer to this question. It’s a personal preference. Hair gets oily after a day! It’s just the way it is. Take a minute and think about what shampoo does. Shampoo strips the oils in our hair. Which causes dry hair. We all know what dry hair leads to damaged hair.  The less you shampoo, the more you will notice the health of your hair improve. 

Here is the way we see it, if you are very active or exercise daily, then you will wash your hair daily. Or you may get creative and figure out a way to have your hair last throughout your active daily life. 

Generally speaking, you should wait as long as possible to shampoo your hair. Majority of us can last a week without washing our hair. If you have very coarse hair, you may want to stick to shampooing once a week. 

If your hair is fine, you will shampoo your hair more often every two-three days. You can try stretching your shampoos by an additional day by using dry shampoos or maybe braids and a bun hairstyle.   

That’s the scoop on shampooing. You know your hair best so find what works for you. Just remember Healthy hair is attractive hair. Keep sending those questions in to

Until next time,

Sade and Tamara

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