No More Split Ends

Ratty, unruly, unmanageable, tangled and knotty strands are a few indicators of split ends. We’re answering your questions on how to prevent split ends. We’re giving you the breakdown and the “rules” to saying goodbye to split ends.

Our hair naturally splits every three months.
We suggest that you DO NOT wait every three months to trim your ends 😫😫. If you notice split ends, chances are, the damage has been done already. Here’s why, once the ends split it travels up the hair shaft. The hair then becomes weak and thin and breakage occurs. You can avoid split ends by cutting your ends before it happens and keeping the ends of your hair moisturized. Keep reading below for your hair texture/type and you will know how often you should clip your ends.

Damaged hair: usually chemically processed hair or heat damage hair which should get trimmed every 4 weeks.

Color treated hair( chemical service hair): because color treated hair and chemically service hair causes more breakage than natural hair, you should trim the ends every time you get a service done. For example, if you get your hair colored every 5 weeks, you should clip the ends as well. 

Fine hair: cut the ends every 5 weeks. If you don’t, you will notice thin and ratty ends. It will be extremely noticeable. Fine hair looks healthier and fuller when the ends are cut.

Curly/Coily hair: prevent the ends from getting dry and splitting by keeping the ends moisturized and cut every 8-12 weeks.

Ok ladies and gents, there you have it. The rules for preventing split ends. Keep these tips in mind, no more questioning when to cut those ends. Keep your hair healthy and split end free 💇🏾!!

Until next time,
Sade and Tamara

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