Spring has finally sprung! But on the east coast, we still have chilly days and cold nights. We’ve decided to show you a few ways to start incorporating your summer wardrobe into this spring weather by layering.
Everyone is ready to pull out the maxi dresses, braletts and cut offs🤗

but hold up, wait a minute!

You can still wear your turtle necks and buttons ups with some of those pieces to keep you warm (and cute of course) during those chilly days.
If you just can’t wait and you want to throw on your maxi dress or a jumpsuit you can add a cute t-shirt or even a button down underneath your dress or jumpsuit. If you wear a button down, keep the buttons open for a sexier look 😜.  You can also put the button down on top of the jumpsuit or maxi and tie it at the waist to give an illusion of the top being a separate item from the jumpsuit or dress.

Sade loves to mix patterns so she layered a striped button down that tied in the front and put it under a floral jumpsuit. Most people aren’t too fond of mixing patterns but Sade loved these two prints styled together.


Another good item to layer is a cute bralette. By simply adding a long sleeve bodysuit, an off the shoulder or cold shoulder top would make this bralette wearable during spring and be so chic! Take a look at how Tamara’s fringe bralette was styled with a mesh bodysuit and a light wash denim.


honestly you can layer any and everything! Mix prints and patterns and don’t store your winter clothes away just yet.


What are some items that you like to layer and how are wearing them?  Hashtag #whattowearandhair #w2wah so we can see how your style your layers.

Until next time,

Sade and Tamara

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