THRIFTING *(The following was inspired by Sade’s experience while thrifting)

🎶 I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket 🎶

One day while thrifting at my local Goodwill, I was asked for my advice about a top from an older fabolous women that she was trying on. I gave her my opinion on the top, picked out a few pieces for her. Long story short, she walked out with two complete outfits for under $50 and I met someone new! But I thought to myself, many ladies have no idea how to go thrifting. Sooooo, Here it is ladies, tips and tricks to going shopping at a thrift store.

If you’ve never thrifted before it can be overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start looking or what you should even be looking for.
First, case the joint out! Just take it all in. Look at all the sections they have and just shop with your eyes, see where you want to go.  Make sure you shop with a purpose, you could be looking for a summer dress, a tee, jeans or an outfit for a BBQ. Remember to keep in mind what your looking for and go to that section, they have everything separated by items. For example, dresses will be with dresses, shirts with shirts and so on & so on. So start with a top and work your way down.


Now that you have an idea about what your shopping for, START SHOPPING! As I mentioned before, start with your top then work your way down. They have dress shirts, tee shirts, button down shirts. They have it all! Once you find your top (you could only be looking for tops, then in your case your done!) but if you need an outfit or a few pieces of everything then shop till you drop.

My last piece of advice is, GET CREATIVE!!! It’s a thrift store, they have an eclectic selection to choose from. Mix and match prints or add pieces to items that you wouldn’t normally wear. Let that inner stylist shine through darling( in my June Ambrose voice)! Step out of your comfort zone and be fabolous.

My bad! Here’s the real last piece of advice, always try items on as they sometimes don’t have sizes or fits could be different as there are many brands to choose from.

Also, if you find a piece you really love but it doesn’t fit the way you want, I suggest you buy it and have the pieces altered to your liking! Talk about custom made!

Take a look at a few pieces I found while browsing.

I stumbled across a wide denim pant at $11.99 (a steal) and a denim inspired stripe button down which I purchased for $9.99 (talk about luck). I paired  them together on this particular day but these pieces can be styled so many different ways.


The next was a Bruce Springsteen tee (basic) and I found a black bralette that I would wear over it jus to add a lil extra sauce to the look. Unfortunately, both items had missing tags but most of the tees were around $3.99.


Well ladies, those are my tips to going thrifting. If you never gone before, try it! You may find a new addiction (you can thank me later). If you have gone before and you didn’t enjoy the experience, try following my tips and give another go at it.Thrifting definitely gets those creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to try new pieces and spice up your wardrobe.

Happy thrifting everyone!

until next time,

Sade and Tamara

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