Cuz I slay (okay)

in my hats

all day! (Singing In my remix version of Beyoncé’s Formation).

If your like us then u love a hat! Wether you’re having a bad hair day or you just want to add that extra sauce to your look hats are such a good go to. Keep scrolling to see a few different hats styled very differently.

“The dad hat” better known as a baseball cap. Paired with white palazzo trousers and a nude pump. A black lace bodysuit with a denim jean jacket and added a wine faux fur collar. What do you think about this look??



The beret, As the French would say oui oui! Started This look with a skater skirt and a laced trimmed cami, added some fishnets , olive booties and a leather jacket! Did this look come together or nah????



Everybody loves a fedora. Layer a silk shirt with a black jumpsuit and viola! Finished with a pair of black booties. This look was pretty simple and straight forward. Do you ladies love this look? How do some of you ladies rock your fedoras?


Until next time,

Sade and Tamara

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