Gym Hair

Let’s talk GYM HAIR…

Gym hair depends on your sweat level, low, moderate, or intense. Ladies lets be real, lets translate that to no sweat at the roots or hairline, sweating at the front hairline, or sweating at the hairline and roots.

If it’s a low sweat level kind of day, I’m talking Pilates or yoga; I suggest a low chignon or a simple pony. If your hair is really texturized with lots of body and curls, try Bantu knots. This is probably the day where you will not notice any sweat at the hairline or roots and theses styles will easily transition back into your hairstyle prior to the workout. They’re also really cute to wear throughout the day.



Alright alright, you’re taking the sweat level up a notch. Maybe today is the spin class you’ve wanted to take. You will work up a sweat at the front hairline so let’s bring out the headbands today. For most ladies, I suggest a lose but secure top knot (bun) with a headband securing your hairline. This style works great on all hair type and textures. Honestly, it keeps all the hair in place so you can focus on the workout. This hairstyle can be worn as is or dry the hairline first with a blow-dryer on cool air before styling your hair. If done correctly, this hairstyle can transition back in t the hairstyle you had before the workout.


Finally, today is the day your roots and hairline will get heated. You’re on Julian Michael’s level three or your weight training , or even trying out insanity for the first time (you get the point) YOU ARE GOING TO SWEAT, like intense. I assume you will wash and style your hair after, but if you do not have time, keep reading. No matter the hair texture, go for a smooth and sleek top-knot and securing the roots and edges with a headband. this style can stay as you go on about your day. Another style is the famous boxer braids (Dutch braids). Once you remove the braids, you will love the effort-less look. Be certain that your roots and hairline are completely dry before removing the braids.




NO more excuses, get to the gym or workout in your apartment and look good from head to toe.

Until next time…

Sade and Tamara



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