Gym Attire

My body stay vicious, I be up in the gym just working on my fitness. Lol!
Hey ladies, I know some of us love to workout and some of us not so much(me). Hopefully after this post it will inspire us all to get in the gym and get that body we always wanted.
If your just getting back into working out or just looking for a light workout let me help you find the right attire to get you through this workout. So if your walking, Pilates and / or yoga then you should stick to wearing cotton because it is soft and comfortable. Cotton absorbs sweat and will be very heavy if drenched in sweat / water so this would be perfect for low sweat workouts.
Ok, now lets turn up the heat and sweat levels. Now that you’ve got through the light stuff and you want to sweat a little more you should wear spandex because it will stay in place while moving around so you don’t have to fidget with your clothes losing Focus. This fabric dries quickly, is breathable and wicks moisture which will hold the moisture but you won’t feel wet while working out.
Now that you’re ready to take it to HIIT (high intensity) levels and you’ll work up a heavy sweat you should stick to bamboo fabrics. Bamboo wicks away sweat while allowing air to flow through keeping you cool when your body is hot. Unlike synthetic fabrics, bamboo naturally keeps bacteria away. While breaking that sweat this fabric also is good for keeping the odors at bay. Let’s face it nobody wants to be funky, you might run into your future husband!
until next time,
Sade and Tamara

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