What you need to maintain Healthy Hair between Salon vistis

On Mondays post titled  Closet “Must Haves” we gave you ladies the scoop on how to get your closets in formation! In today’s post, we want to share some tips on hair tools and supplies that you should always have to maintain your mane in between salon visits. 

We all hate clutter and many of us are product junkies, but guess what ladies, you don’t need all that stuff unless of course you’re a professional hairstylist, hair guru, or just really talented at styling your own hair. Let’s de-clutter or just trash everything and pick up these few items to keep your hairstyle looking fresh in between salon visits.

A really good hydrating and nourishing shampoo and conditioner. You don’t have to break the bank here ladies but remember you get what you pay for. 


 Leave in conditioner or hair oil. This is important because our hair Needs moisture even Fine hair. Think of it this way, when you shower, you immediately apply moisture to your body, same with your hair. After you shampoo and condition, you should  immediately moisturize your hair and keep in mind, less is more. 


Heat protectant. Majority of us apply heat directly on the hair without applying any product to protect your hair. Make sure you protect those strands and keep em healthy. A heat protectant acts as a shield on your strands and protects the heat from frying your mane! c38e0bbc-fd70-40f0-a997-d0d8b4fdb38e.png

Flexible light hold hair spray. This is the final step in styling your hair. Hairspray is the finisher as I would call it. It polishes and keeps your style in place. Think of hairspray as perfume for the hair, It’s the last step before you leave out the house. 
 * dry shampoo is optional but I recommend you keep a bottle in your hair products armoire. It refreshes the hair and helps get your thru the next few days after the initial style (or week for those lucky few). 

Blow dryer. You can find professional quality in the price range of $79.-$129. Make the investment into a good blow dryer. Since you won’t use the blow dryer as often as the professionals, it will last you a few years.


Wide tooth comb or A wet brush is a personal preference. Some prefer to detangle using a wide tooth comb and some prefer a wet brush. Personally, we recommend a wet brush as it detangles all the “hidden knots” gently. We find less shedding when using a wet brush. Although, we do not use a wide tooth comb to detangle,  it is used once done styling to make sure the hair is dry and tangle free. 



Boar bristle brush (round or flat). Make sure the bristles are legitimate boar hair bristles. These brushes will keep you hair healthy. Not only will less shedding occur but also provides shine and moisture. 


A flat iron is a must because it can straighten, curl and wave your hair. Depending on the look you can achieve straight and sleek hair or have some fun adding waves or Party curls! You can find professional quality flat irons in the price range of $80-$150. It’s well worth it!img_1912.png
These products and tools are all you need to maintain healthy hair. You can maintain your style or cut in between visits with ease. Who doesn’t want to make their lives easier? Your hairstylist will thank us later,

Follow our closet must haves and simple hair products and tools and you are sure to start this year off with a bang! Every woman is beautiful in her own individual and unique way.

Until next time,

Sade and Tamara

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