Closet “Must Haves”

OK ladies, now let’s get these closets in formation*singing like Beyonce*! As the new year begins we like to edit things that we didn’t like from the previous year, including our closets. While we do that we want to make sure you have a few key pieces that will keep you fashionable in this new year.

One of the basics is a white button down. This can be paired so many ways! You can keep it simple with a pair of jeans, blazer and heels, or if you’re a 9-5er you can wear it with a pant suit, skirts, high waisted trousers.  If you have an item that’s too risqué you can always put it under to keep it  classy!


Next on the list is a good pair of jeans. I know we all have so many pairs of jeans but investing in a good pair goes such a long way! And it also saves us some money and I know we all love to save our coins! We sometimes buy jeans that are least expensive but they tend to not last which has us spending more money in the end. So ladies do your self a favor and invest in a good pair of jeans. You can also catch a good pair on sale!


Another item is a blazer. I call this the silent killa!  I know most people don’t like them (i.e Tamara) jk. But honestly, this piece can sometimes add that sauce to boss up an outfit! As I stated previously, you can throw it on with a pair of jeans or over a dress. There are so many ways to wear a blazer and it’s a piece that will always add a little something something to your outfit. Don’t think of it as a stuffy piece. You can always dress this item up or down. If you have a pair of cut off shorts you can pair it with a tank, sneakers

or heels.

LBD’s a.k.a. Little Black Dress!! I mean how can we go wrong ladies! We all should have that one dress that we can wear to any occasion. It’s just so simple. We all need that one go to that we can wear and know you will always be a hit!


This next piece is great for any body type! The wrap dress. Like I just stated any body type can throw on this pieces and look amazing! You can get a more figure hugging one or you can wear a more flowy fit. You can wear it more casually and throw a leather or denim jacket over with a sandal. Or dress it up with heels.


The last piece is s leather jacket. Whether you are 24 or 54 you can wear this piece. We all need a good leather jacket that we can throw on to finish off whatever look we are trying to accomplish that day. There are many different styles that can be paired with so many things.


Now that you’ve got the scoop on how to get your closets in formation! Let’s start this year off looking good from head to toe.  With our tips on closet must haves you are sure to start this year off with a bang!

until next time,
Sade and Tamara

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