G I V I N G F A C E !!!

When was the last time you got a compliment on your hair?  The goal is to have everyone envy your hair. Am I right ladies! As silly as it sounds, you can have the simplest hairstyle and if it “fits your face” it will look like the hottest hairstyle of all time #MAJORHAIRGOALS. Listen up as we explain which hairstyles best suit your face shape.

Two rules to keep in mind when you choose a new hairstyle;

1st, your new hairstyle MUST highlight your best features to distract from your “non-pleasing” features.


2nd, you want to aim to achieve a round balanced look. Hair should not be heavier on one side.

Now Let’s begin!

Ladies with an OVAL FACE shape are very, very lucky! Usually females can rock any hairstyle. Honestly the options are endless. If you have an oval face shape, switch up your hairstyle often and remember have fun with it.

Women who have a ROUND FACE shape should try chin length haircuts but not blunt cuts. Wispy bangs and layers will add some softness to the hairstyle.

A woman with a HEART FACE shape would be most flattering in a pixie cut!  Not every woman is ready to chop their hair off so try styles that are soft and wavy. Go for a cut with choppy layers and to style it add soft curls.

For those of you who have a DIAMOND FACE shape, try a cut that adds softness to the diamond shape and keep the layers at a minimum. When you style your hair, do not add too much volume and  aim for a subtle hairstyle.

Females who have SQUARE FACE will look most flattering in a blunt cut with a side part. If you want layers, frame the face starting at the jawline. When you style your hair, you can keep it sleek and straight or add just a slight bend in the hair to create a soft wave.


Get moving to the mall to amplify your wardrobe and book that hair appointment to be the best, STYLISH YOU OFF ALL TIME…

Until next time,

Sade and Tamara





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