How to dress your body type!

A lot of women have a hard time trying to find clothing that compliments their bodies. So we climbed the highest mountain top, crossed rivers, and flew high to deliver, just kidding! In this post we’ve wrote a few tips and suggestion to dress for your body type.

The 1st body type is the HOURGLASS which is the ideal shape and what most women try to achieve when dressing their bodies. On this body type your shoulders and hips are proportionate to each other making for a slimmer waist. Curvalicious! The best way to highlight your shape would be to show off those curves! Anything that hugs your figure while showing how snatched your waistline is a must. Adding belts will also enhance what you already have. To accentuate your waist high waisted trousers / jeans are the way to go. Form fitting tops and wrap dresses work well for this body type as it add balance to your shape. You should always stay away from heavy and bulky clothing as it will be covering up your best assets, those curves!

Next is the PEAR SHAPED BODY, which co-founder Sade, knows all too well. With this body type, your lower body is heavier/wider than your upper body. Your hips are wider than your shoulders but like the hourglass your waist is well defined. The parts of your body to showcase are your shoulders and waistline. To even out your much wider bottom, wide leg trousers and jeans are ideal for this body type. Off the shoulder dresses and shirts will bring attention from your bottom up to your upper body which will give balance. Lighter colors on your blouses and darker bottoms help to even out your proportions.

Let’s talk about the RECTANGULAR SHAPED ladies. Your waist, hips, and shoulders are all the same width. With this shape you will have to create curves because your body is straight. To achieve the illusion of curves rushing and drapery will definitely do your body good. You can have some fun with printed bottoms; a cigarette pant is very flattering to this shape. Your upper body will look good with tops that accentuate your bust, flaunt it if you got it! Also, a good pencil skirt with a nice high slit will show off your endless legs!

Next up is for my APPLE SHAPED girls. Women with this shape carry most of their weight in their midsection. To achieve a more proportionate look, empire tops and v necks are best to elongate the torso and take attention away from your midsection.  Layering is also good; so adding a jacket on top  of your dresses and tops will help to give you some definition. As far as jeans go, you can opt for a flared and boot-cut jean which will help even out your shape. Display the legs ladies!
Lastly, we have the INVERTED TRIANGLE shape. With this body type your chest and shoulders are wider with your waist and hips being slimmer. Since your shoulders are broader you will want to soften your upper body. A line dresses  will be the way to soften out your top half. V necks top and wrap dresses are also good for your upper body as well, anything that adds to your bust while minimizing the wideness of your shoulders. 




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